Music Daily: The MLC Announces Pair of Webinars for Hispanic Heritage Month Initiative

These days it can be close to impossible to make good money in the music industry if you aren’t well known, and The MLC wants to change that. When it comes to royalties and giving credit where it’s due, it is important to have a secure place for original music. These challenges can be even more difficult for rising stars in the Latin genre. So in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month in September, The MLC is doing something special.

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) honors Hispanic Heritage this month with a new initiative. El MLC en Español is here and they have a few events lined up for Latin music lovers. The event sets out to engage Spanish-speaking members of The MLC with the availability of Spanish-language resources for their music.

Created in 2018, The Mechanical Licensing Collective is a public musical works database. It’s also a portal for producers and musicians to store, maintain, and distribute their data. As the music industry becomes more technology-based, The MLC helps producers and musicians get paid for their work.

So as part of “El MLC en Español” The MLC will host a pair of webinars. The events will be for Latin songwriters, lyricists, and publishers.

What The MLC Is Doing For Latin Musicians
In addition, the initiative developed by Dae Bogan is the result of a collaboration with many organizations. This includes Take Creative Control, Protege Tu Música TV, LLC, and Songwriters of North America. It will start September 27 and feature the launch of materials and assets about The MLC in Spanish. 

Bogan had this to say about the event and what it means for the Hispanic and music community. “The Latin music genre has experienced tremendous growth on digital platforms in recent years. As a result, we recognize that there is a need to raise awareness. Awareness about Spanish-speaking music creators about The MLC and how our organization can help them,” said Bogan.

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